Proclamation Declaring Mr Richard Cameron, and others,
Rebels and Traitors.
Given under our
Signet at Edinburgh, the last day of June, one thousand
six hundred and eighty, and of our reign the thirty two

The Proclamation begins erroneously
referring to the Queensferry papers as found on Donald
Cargil; they were in fact on the body of Henry Hall,
moreover, Cargil escaped capture on that occasion.
However, the purpose of the Proclamation is many fold.
First to declare the participants at the Declaration of
Sanquhar on 22 June 1680 traitors. Second to force the
land owners to interrogate all their tenants  aged
sixteen and over about the whereabouts of the alleged
traitors, and to give evidence on Oath. Third to certify
the task had been done and to provide names of those who
did not appear to the summons or, who declined to give
evidence on Oath.  Fourth to give authority for the
use of force and an open pardon if the traitors and their
associates happened to get killed or mutilated in the
arrest. Fifth to offer rewards  DEAD  or 
ALIVE for the named rebels.

Which Covenant, with
several most Impious, Scandalous and Seditious
Pamphlets were taken from the said Mr Donald Cargil,
(one of their Preachers) at the Queensferry, upon
the Third day of June Instant.

Like as ,the said Mr
Richard Cameron, and his Brother and Mr Thomas
Douglas, accompanied with several Ruffians, and
particularly John Vallang, Brother in law to Robert
Park, one of the Bailiffs of Sanquhar , David
Mackmitchel of Lorgfoot,Thomas Campbel son to 
Campbel late of Dalblair in  Auchinleck Paroch,
John Moodie brother to the miller at Cubs-Milne, in
the same Paroch,John Fowller , sometimes servant to
the deceased Lindsay of  Covingtown, Patrick
Gemill son in law to Charles Logan Messenger at
Cumnock-maines, James Stewart son to Archibald
Stewart at Calfey end, near to the Earl of
Galloway`s House, Alexander Gordown  called of
Kilsture, Francis Johnstoun Merchant in Clidsdale 
Creichtown, son to Robert Creichtown of Achtitinch
now in Waterhead, and others to the number of twenty
one persons, did upon the twenty two of June,enter
within the Burgh of Sanquhar …


We have therefore with
the advice of our Privy Council , thought fit, as
use is in such cases, to declare the said  …. 
open and Notorious Traitors and Rebels against Us 
and our Authority  Impowering and requiring All
Our Good Subjects to treat them as such.


We do call the
hail Heretours, or their Bailiffs or Chamberlands,
in case of the Heretors absence, to cause call and
cite before them in a Court, all persons living on
their respective Lands, Men or women, above the age
of sixteen years,in all the paroches underwritten 
vis, Carsfern, Balmaclellan, Dalry, Kells, Barr in
Carrick, the Moor Kirk of Kyle, Galstown, Lowdon,
Tindergarth, Streven, Lesmehago, Sanquhar,Irongray,
Glencairn, Cumnock, Monigaff, and Penningham, upon
the second and last Tuesdays of July and August
next. And to take the Oaths of all the said persons
living  upon the respective land .whether any
of these Traitors foresaid  were in that
Paroch, and where and when ; …


do solemnly swear  by the Eternal God, that I
have truly and faithfully examined upon Oath,, the
whole Persons Men and women living upon my lands who
compeared, who are above the age of sixteen years,
whereof I am Heretor, Bailiff, or Chamberlain,
within the Paroch of   and that I have
caused my Officers give Execution on Oath, that he
did cite all the said persons to the foresaids
Diets, and have given account of the persons who
compeared not, or compearing refused to give Oath .

Wanted  DEAD  or  ALIVE

And if in pursute 
of the said Traitors they resisting to be taken, any
of our said magistrates, or other our good subjects 
shall happen to kill or mutilat them, or any of
them, We do hereby declare that they nor none
assisting them shall ever be called in question , or
pursued Criminally or Civilly therefore in time
coming …. And for better encouragement of such as
shall apprehend and bring in the saids Traitors dead
or alive , the apprehender of Mr Richard Cameron
shall, as Reward, have five thousand merks; ….


Too soon the hunt was over at
Ayrsmoss on 22 July 1680.