List of Scottish Covenanters – Index

The following pages
are about the Covenanters – the persecuted
`faithful remnant` of the Presbyterian Church. Their story is an integral part of the
larger saga of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland between 1560 – 1690,
when the Church of Scotland ` was by law established`. Within the
articles are cross references and links to related subjects; to pages giving
specific detail; and, explanation of a topic. 

For convenience ordained
ministers are shown as Rev, although by custom and practice they used
Mr or Maister [Master] indicating  both that they were Presbyterian
ministers and had a university degree. See Sir
and other titles.

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Scottish Reformation – the early years. Index. 

The Wife of Beith. An allegory from a chap

The young Kirk.

Who were the Covenanters ? An introductory note. 

The Kirk and its impact on the people.

The Presbytery of Paisley
and the pursuit of Papists.

Rev. Andro Knox,  Papist catcher.
James VI , King
of Scotland 1567 – 1603
James VI and James I
of Great Britain 1603-1625.
The episcopal honeymoon.
A period of relative tranquillity,
see also Slavery.

Court of High Commission.
The Five Articles of Perth,
25 August 1618.

Rev. Robert Blair.

Rev.John Livingstone
The Covenanters. A
hardening of attitudes.

Charles I . 1625 -30 Jan 1649,

Archibald Campbell, Marquis of Argyll.

Rev. Alexander Henderson.
Archibald Johnston, Lord Warriston
Laud`s Liturgy – the Book of Common Prayer for use in Scotland.

St Giles Cathedral, Greyfriars Kirk,  and
the Covenant.
Signatories to the Covenant in Borgue and Minigaff Parishes, Galloway.
Citation and excommunication of the Bishops,1638.

The Scottish House of Commons is
Bishops Wars 1639-1640

James Graham, Marquis of Montrose

The execution of Montrose
Solemn League and Covenant, 1643
The surrender of Charles I, 1646
The Engagement 1647.

Rev. Samuel Rutherford.
Rev.James Guthrie
of Stirling.
and Jean Ramsay, Mrs James Guthrie.

Rev William Guthrie of Fenwick.
The Regicides of King Charles I.

Negotiations at Breda, 1650.
II King of Scotland ( February 1649 -September 1651) 
Proclamation of Cromwell as Lord Protector,4 May 1654.

Cromwell in Scotland.
General Monk and Archbishop Sharp.
The Restoration of Charles II: an overview.
Local taxation, an emerging fact of life.
A new Scottish Parliament approved 1660.

The “Drunken Parliament”
Events leading up to the `outing` of ministers.
Outed Ministers, Curates, Conventicles. and the

Rev. John Blackadder

The East Nisbet conventicle,1670.
Blackadder`s account.
The Bond –
to refrain from conventicles etc.

Rev. Alexander Peden.
Ministers of Galloway who were outed.
Scottish Bishops 1661- ca 1863.

The Act of Uniformity,1662 [ England]
  and the
Clarendon Code.
of High Commission.
Sir Hugh Campbell of Cessnock.
Sharp, Archbishop of St Andrews- turncoat and persecutor.
Isobel Sharp and servants` account of the assassination;  Proclamation of the murderers 20 Sep 1679; and Doctors` Certificate of injuries.
Commentary re: evidence that
Sharp`s murder was a premeditated act.
A letter to Donald Cargill, 8 May 1679.

Sharp`s funeral procession and mausoleum.
John, Earl of Middleton, inter alia, a soldier
Sir James Turner, inter alia, a soldier.
Covenanter Museum

The Torwood excommunications

Portraits of ministers in the Fasti
Ecclesiae Scoticanae
Prisons and prisoners.

Covenanter Prisons

The Bass Rock

St Baldred and the Bass Rock. Extract from The Scotichronicon

John Spreul, apothecary; prisoner on the Bass Rock.

Blackness Castle

Dunnottar Castle
Dunnottar Prisoners (The Black Book of Kincardineshire.)
Extracts from the records of Edinburgh Tolbooth – Dunnottar prisoners, and transportations 1685.
Prisoners returned from Burntisland  to Edinburgh Tolbooth 20 May 1685.
Prisoners released from Edinburgh Tolbooth 28 May 1685 (returned from Burntisland).
Transfer of prisoners from Leith Tb. to Edinburgh Tb. October 1685
Transportations, 1665, 1666, 1680,

Slavery – general. (see also Banishment)
Transportations to America 1685

Greyfriars and the Covenanters` Prison

Tolbooth Regulations 1579 & Prisons Act 1597,
Tolbooth escapes (Fountainhalls Historical Notes)
The Heart of Midlothian
Cameronians and persecution.

Sir George ” Bluidy ” MacKenzie of
Rosehaugh, Lord Advocate.

Rev. Richard Cameron

Rev.Donald Cargill

David Hackston.

The Cameronians & the Sanquhar Declaration.

The Queensferry Papers.

Sanquhar Declaration  text

Proclamation against the Cameronians.

Rev.James Renwick

Renwick`s Lecture on Psalm XXIII.
A day in the life of James Renwick
Admonitory Vindication, 28 October 1684
Proclamation 9 Dec 1686,
“Wanted, Dead or Alive.
The Justiciary
Circuit Courts.

Circuit Courts

for Circuit Courts (1684)

Instructions to Circuit
Courts (1684)

The Stirling Bond 1684.

The Glasgow Court and treatment
of heritors of Lochwinnoch.
Abjuration Oath 25 November 1684 
The sense  in which a Covenanter refused to say “God Save the King”
Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll; rebellion 1685.
The Killing Time


The Martyrs` Monument, Greyfriars.
Catholic resurgence under James II, 1685 -1688.

Rev. John MacMillan of Balmaghie.

Death bed of MacMillan and monument at
role in the Reformation.
NOT James VII of Scotland.

Covenanter battles

They died for their beliefs – numbers.






Mauchline Moor

Rullion Green

Proclamation of Rebels 4 December 1666.

The Fiery Cross in Moray, 1679.
Evidence of the inquiry about the Fiery Cross.

Bothwell Brig

Ayrs Moss

Tales of the Covenanters.

James Ure of Shergarton.

Covenanter Ships.

Eaglewing” – John Livingstones account.

Passengers and prisoners on the “Henry & Francis”, 1685.

Covenanter sites and monuments.

Old Mortality” 

– Robert Paterson (1713-1801)

Seventeenth century burials.

Gravestones and memorials .

Tradesmen and other gravestone emblems.
In praise and memory of Covenanters.

The Covenanter Banner.

Pass under the Rod.

The Cameronian`s  Dream.

Peden at the Grave of Cameron.

A poem about the Whigs and Rullion Green

A Covenanter poem about the Battle of Bothwell

A Covenanter`s Death


Sorrow Healed

The Martyrdom of John Brown

The Wigton Martyrs.

The Covenanters Vow.

Mountain Sanctuary.

A Childrens  Covenant.
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About the Reformation – “The Nail in the Door”

Covenanter  CDs
Old Scottish money.

Bibliographies: Scottish Presbyterians.
Irish Presbyterians.

The Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association.

Time Line 1600 – 1840