Ulster Scots

Scottish migration and settlement in Ulster.
The Montgomery and Hamilton settlements ca 1606
The Plantation Scheme of 1610
Allocation of land in the Plantation

Plantation – a report by Lord Chichester to the Earl of
Salisbury 3 October 1610.

A report by
Sir John Davies 8 November 1610. – includes opinion on
Brehon Law

A view of the state of Ireland
and the Plantation of Ireland. W.E.H.Lecky.

Muster in
Londonderry 1622.

Presbyterianism in Ulster

The early years.

coexistence of the Presbyterians shattered

The Irish “Killing
Time”, 1641.

Thomas Wentworth, Earl of

Wentworth – land and
religion – policies.

Impeachment, Bill of Attainder, execution.

Restoration of Charles II (1660) 

Another phase of persecution.

Bishop Taylor`s allegation of disloyalty, 1667

Act of Attainder 
May 1689 – Derry Protestants named.

Some facts about the
Siege of Londonderry.

Londonderry,”City of
Early Presbyterians in America

Extract from “ A History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in America”   Rev W.M.Glasgow, M.D. (1888) 

William III Declaration at Belfast 19 June 1690 requiring
good conduct from his forces.

A Petition of the Presbyterian Ministers and People in the North of Ireland, to William and Mary.
Scots migration and emigration
Economic migration

Background to
the 1798 Rebellion

of the United Irishmen 1791

The United Irishmen
and the United Scotsmen.
The Volunteers

The `Test` of
the United Irishmen

Account of the Irish Rebellion.

Rebels in
“Speeches from the Dock ” by TD,AM and DB Sullivan

Further reading: Ireland and the Presbyterians.