Historic struggles between the medieval Catholic Church and the resurging evangelism

The Reformation

The Scottish Reformation

The Reformation story begins with the contentious and unacceptable behaviour of the late medieval Catholic church, followed by the emergence of Protestant evangelism, John Knox and Presbytery. It continues with the Covenanters through to the Glorious Revolution in 1688 (accession of William & Mary), when the Presbyterian Church of Scotland was finally established by law in 1690.

The Covenanters

The persecuted `faithful remnant` of the Presbyterian Church. Their story is an integral part of the larger saga of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland between 1560 – 1690, when the Church of Scotland ` was by law established`. Within the articles are cross references and links to related subjects; to pages giving specific detail; and, explanation of a topic.

The Ulster Scots aka Scotch-Irish

When and where the Reformation began in Europe is a conundrum that depends to some extent on the nature of the sects that sprung up. There is evidence of evangelical Christians from the earliest Days.

A Laymans Guide to the Scottish Reformation

Orr-Some Genealogy of the Orrs

The Sojjers are Comin`

The Nail in the Door

Testimony of the Covenant