Proclamation issued by William the
Third when in Belfast 19 June 1690 requiring good conduct
from members of his forces.

Cited in Old Belfast Ed R.M.Young (1896)

Our chief intention and design in this
our Royal Expedition being to reduce our Kingdom of
Ireland to such a state that all who behave themselves as
becomes dutiful and loyal subjects may enjoy their
Liberties and Possessions under a just and equal
Government, and to the end that all our loving subjects
who at present are in our obedience may find the good
effects of Our Protection, and as much as possible in the
distractions of War feel the benefit and advantage of
continuing under the care of Our Power, Our Will and
Pleasure is that all Officers, soldiers, and others
belonging to our Army do so carry themselves, both in
Garrison, Quarters, and wheresoever they shall march, as
persons ought to do who are under Military Discipline, and
that they do not presume on any account to spoil or rob
any Parks or Warrens, Plunder the Houses, do violence to
or extort or take any horses, cows, or other Cattle from
the Inhabitants of the Towns or Quarters where they are or
shall be, but that they duly pay such reasonable Rates for
those Provisions and necessaries they have or shall have
occasion to make use of as is or shall be appointed by us,
with proportion to the pay and entertainment they receive:
And we do strictly charge all officers, soldiers, and
persons whatsoever to observe and obey these Our Rules and
Orders, and behave themselves accordingly: And all
Colonells, Captains, and other officers are hereby
Required not only to keep themselves within these due
bounds and limits, but to see that their respective
soldiers do the same, as they will answer the contrary at
their Peril, it being Our Resolution, upon Complaint made
to Us by any person aggrieved, to punish all such as in
anywise offend against and act contrary to these Our
Orders. And that no one may plead or pretend ignorance of
this Our Royal Will and Pleasure, We do hereby direct and
command that these Orders be published in all the Quarters
of Our Army, and that one Comissar of the Musters do
Publicly read them at the head of each Regiment so often
as they shall muster the same.

Given at Our Court at Belfast, the 19th
day of June, 1690, in the Second Year of our Reign.

By his Maties. Command,