Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, H Scott (1915) vol 1, p66, Old Greyfriars,

WILLLAM CARSTARES, born 11th Feb. 1649, eldest son of John C, min. of
Cathcart; studied first at Edinburgh, and afterwards in consequence of the
troubled state of the times in Scotland, at Utrecht, where he formed the
friendship of William, Prince of Orange, and became his confidential
adviser on all matters relating to Britain. In 1682 he was at home bent on
entering the Church, but discouraged by the spirit of persecution which
was so manifest, he returned to Holland after receiving license to preach.
Passing through London he became involved in what was afterwards known as
the Rye-house Plot, which had for its object the exclusion of the Duke of
York from the succession to the throne. He was arrested at Tenterden, in
Kent, and conveyed to Edinburgh to be tortured by the boot and thumbscrew.
He was offered a full pardon, and the promise was made that no statement
from him would be used against any person But the information extracted on
such terms was freely used against his friend Baillie of Jerviswood. After
lying in prison for a year and a half at London, Edinburgh, and Stirling,
he returned to Holland in the winter of 1684-5, when he was made chaplain
to the Prince of Orange, and appointed minister of the English Church at
Leyden. He accompanied Willam to England in 1688, and when matters quieted
after the Revolution, and William and Mary sat upon the throne, he was
probably the most influential personage in the land. The King required his
Constant presence, assigned him apartments at Whitehall, and paid him
liberally when abroad with the army. From 1693 to William’s death in 1702
he was virtually prime minister of the country, and his authority in
Church affairs was such that he was popularly called “Cardinal Carstares”
by the .Jacobites and those who were opposed to his policy. He became
Principal of the Univ. of Edinburgh in 1703, and in 1704 min. of
Greyfriars;  [ cont ] He became Principal of the Univ. of Edinburgh 1703,
and in 1704 min. of Greyfriars; was Moderator of Assembly 1705 (an office
which he was re-elected 1708, 1711, 1715), and was trans, to this charge
28th Dec.1706. The Treaty of Union had his enthusiastic support, and he
warmly promoted the succession of the House of Hanover to the British
crown. He was cbaplain to Queen Anne, and to King George I., and died 28th
Dee. 1715. He marr. 6th June 1682, Elizabeth (died 1724, without issue),
daugh. of Peter Kekewich of Trehawk,Cornwall.