THOMAS ROSS. Executed 1618.

Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, H Scott (1915) rev 1917, 1920
vol 4 p 149 Cargill, 1606

THOMAS ROSS, born about 1575, third son of John R. of Craigie and Agnes
Hepburn; educated at Univ. of Edinburgh; M.A. (10th Aug. 1595); licen,by
Presb. of Perth before Nov.1602; pres. by James VI. 26th July 1606;
probably dem. in 1615. He went to England, having been recommended to the
King by some members of the Privy Council and Bishops, that as a scholar
he might be placed in one of the colleges. While at Oxford, about the
commencement of the term, in great indigence and possibly in a fit of
insanity, the result of disappointed hopes, he affixed to the door of St
Marys Church there a Pasquil or Thesis,  ” with ten several abhominable
articles or appendices, confirmeing the samyn, that all Scottismen audit
to be schote furth of the Court of Ingland, excepting his gracious
Majestie, his sone, and ane verrie few utheris.” For this offence he was
apprehended, shipped to Scotland, where he was imprisoned, and brought to
trial before the Lord Justice-General 20th Aug. 1618.

He was convicted upon his own confession, and notwithstanding a plea of
insanity, was sentenced 10th Sept

.” to be taen to the Mercat Croce of Edinburgh, and thair upone ane
scaffold, first his rycht hand to be struk aff, and thairefter his heid to
be struck in frome his body; and his heid to be thairefter afhxit and set
upone ane irne prik upon the Nether Bow Port; and his rycht hand to be
also affixit upane the Wast Port of the said Burgh.”

This sentence was carried out the next day.