Ecclesiae Scoticanae, H Scott (1915) vol 1, p 108, St Johns.

THOMAS GUTHRIE, born Brechin, 12th July 1803, sixth son of David G.,
banker, Provost of Brechin, and Clementina Cay; educated at Brechin and
Edinburgh Univ.; licen. by Presb. of Brechin 2nd Feb. 1825; ord. to
Arbirlot  13th May 1830; trans, to Old Greyfriars 21st Sept. 1837; trans,
and adm. 28th Oct. 1840. Joined the Free Church, and became min. of Free
St John’s 1843; D.D. (Edinburgh, 9th Aprii 1849); Moderatorof Free Church
General Assembly 1862; retired 1864; F.Il.S.E. (1869); founderof the
Edinburgh Original Ragged Industrial Schools; one of the earliest
Temperance reformers;an eloquent preacher, and writer of great popularity;
died 24th Feb. 1873. He marr. 6th Oct. 1830, Anne (died 2nd June 1899),
daugh. of James Burns, one of the mins. of Brechin, and had issue David
Kelly, min. of the Free Church, Liberton, born 9th Aug. 1831, died 6th
Sept. 1896; Christina, born 31 st May 1833 (marr. 22nd March 1854, William
Welsh of Mossfennan, D.D. ,min. of the Free Church, Broughton), died17th
Feb. 1895; James, banker, Brechin,born 15th Jan. 1835; Patrick, banker,
Edinburgh, born Ist Oct. 1836; Clementina, born 28th June1839, died 22nd
Jan. 1908; Annie, born 28th June 1841 (marr. 28th April 18.41, Stephen
Williamson, M.P.); Thomas, farmer, near Buenos Ayres, born 19th Nov. 1843,
died 3rd Nov. 1900; Alexander, merchant, Liverpool, born 10 th March 1846;
Charles John, Senator of the College of Justice, born 4th April  1849;
Helen, born 30th Nov. 1851 (marr. David Gray, Glasgow), died 9th July
1883; John, born llth Dee. 1853, died 9th  Aug. 1855.