Fasti Ecclesiae
Scoticanae, H Scott (1915) vol 2 p 288. Kirkpatrick Irongray. 1663.

M.A. (St Andrews 1625); master of the Grammar School of
Leith 8th Oct.1629, “under condition that he continue for five years, and
shall not countenance or resort to any public exercise of theologie in any
Presbyterian meetings, nor present himself to any pulpit, and shall seldom
resort to Edinburgh or other places.” He entered on trials for license
before the Presb. of Haddington, 10th Sept. 1634, and appears to have been
assistant at South Leith before 13th July 1637. He was min. of Keir,
1638-59, and of this parish in 1663, to which he was admitted under the
protection of an armed force. The opposition arose mostly from women of
the humbler class, led by a certain Margaret Smith, who was afterwards
tried for it, along with William Arnot of Little Park. Smith was ordered
to be banished to the Barbados, but this sentence was not carried out.
Arnot was fined 5000 merks, and required to acknowledge his offence upon
two Sundays in the parish kirk. S.’s manse was plundered by the
Covenanters on 15th Nov. 1666 and 4th April 1667. He died at Edinburgh,
14th Sept. 1667, aged about 58, and was buried in Greyfriars, Edinburgh,
He marr. (1) Dec. 1630, Elizabeth Scott, in the parish of .South Leith,
and had a numerous family: (2) Lilias Somerville, who died Feb. 1644: (3)
11th Aug. 1646, Euphemia Macmichael; (4) Jean Dalzell, who survived him,
and had five children. A daugh. marr. George Lang, min. at Newry, Ireland.