“Passengers on the Henry & Francis 1685.

The ship set sail on September 5, 1685, from Leith and made landfall at Perth Amboy, New Jersey, in December.  Thirty one people died during the journey.


Robert Adam John Arbuckle *** John Black  D
Robert Campbell John Campbell  GT, D Christian Cavie  D
John Corbet  CT, D John Casson or Carsan D  Barbara Cowan  D
+ William Cunningham Charles Douglas ***  D Isabel Dune
+ Thomas Finlater Janet Ferguson   D John Ford ***  CT, D
John Foreman or Forman , D + Thomas Gray   D Grisel. Gamble
Fergus Grier   D Robert Gilchrist   D Bessie B(G)ordon  D
Katharine Govan John Harvie ***  GT, D Adam Hood ***  D
+ John Hutchinson  GT, D + Thomas Jackson *** George Johnston (e)*** GT, D.
James Junk/ Junck  GT, D + John Kippan  James Kirkwood  D
John Kellie  ET, D John Kennie + Lady Athunie**

Mrs Wm Rigg.

+ Rev. William Aisdale**
George Brown or Broun GT, D.

David Campbell

William Campbell  GT, D John Crichton  D

Andrew Corbet  LT, D

+ Agnes Corhead* D

Marjory Cowan  D

Patrick Cummingham  D
William Douglas  D Rev John Fraser


Elspeth Ferguson  D

+ Mary Ferret***

James Forsythe or Forsyth ***
? d in D ? 

John Gray  D

+ Thomas Graham

+ William Ged **

James Grier or Grierson 
John Gilfillan***  GT, D Annabel or Anaple Gordon*** 
John Harris***
John Henderson *** D Charles Honyall ***  + John Hodge  CT, D
William Jackson John Johnstone ** John King Rev  GT, D
John Kincaid ***  D + John Kirkland + Katherine Kellie  D
Margaret Leslie ***  D Janet Linthron or Lintoun 
Michael Marshall
John Martin(e) D George Muir *** Jean Moffat ***
James Muirhead or Murehead ***
John McEwen or McEwin CT, D Robert McEwen
Robert McLellan GT, D + Andrew McLellan  D

+ William McMillan  CT, D

William Nevin  or
Niving**  CT,D
Andrew Paterson *** GT,D + John Rain or Rainy ? D

+ Mrs. Archibald Riddell**

+ Marian Rennie James Reston
Peter Russell ***  D

Williant Sprat or Sprout ET, D

William Sproull ***
+ John Swinton or Sinton 
John Seton  or Steven ?
+ Margaret Scot
Janet Syminqton ***

John Targat

William Turnbull or Trumble ? CT, D

John Vernor **

Gawen Lockhart John Marshall or Marschall 
Margaret Miller  D + Gilbert Monerg John Muirhead
William McCalmont  ET, D Walter McEwen or M`Min *** D John McQueen ***

+ Margaret McLellan  D

+ John McKennan John McGhie***  D

Willian Oliphant  D

John Pollock  GT,D + Rev. Archibald Riddell **
+ William Rigg ** + John Renwick + Thomas Russell  GT, D
Christian Strang *** Agnes Stevens *** Thomas Shelston
+ John Smith

+ George Scot **

+ Eupham Scot**

James Sittingtown ***

John Turpine Patrick Urie  GT, D
Mrs. Vernor ** Elizabeth Whitelaw or Whitlaw
William Wilson  CT, D
John Watt  ET, D + James Wardrope Grizel Witherspoon or
Wotherspoon  D
Robert Young ***  GT , D

Patrick Walker. Escaped
at Leith.


names in `Cloud`
John Steven
Robert Main
Anaple or Annabel Jackson.

+ died at sea

History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in America
    Dr. William M. Glasgow

** Voluntarily left Scotland

*** Left a testimony  – these were
prisoners banished and for sale as slaves.
     The Testimonies are in the Wodrow
Some are quoted in a Cloud 
     of Witnesses
( Rev J H Thomson ed.
1908).  They were probably all
      held in Dunnottar before deportation via Leith.

Prison codes : where double coded 
they were first imprisoned locally and then held at Dunnottar
Castle from where they were deported via Leith. The Dunnottar
prisoners are in Martyr Graves of Scotland. J H
Thomson, Schedule of Prisoners in Dunnottar from Privy
Council Warrants. Prisoners sent from Burntisland 20 May

CT Cannongate Tolbooth;
D   Dunnottar Castle;
ET Edinburgh Tolbooth;
GT Glasgow Tolbooth;
LT  Leith Tolbooth.

NOTE: There is no definitive list of
prisoners; moreover both pronunciation and spelling of names
was phonetic, and record keeping was poor to abysmal. Another listing of Dunnottar prisoners is given in the “Black Book of Kincardineshire” and in the records of the Edinburgh Tolbooth.