Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, H Scott (1915) Vol 2 p 400 Carsphairn.

He  was sometime precentor in a church in Co. Down. He is said to have
been called to the ministry under the following circumstances. It was then
the custom to begin divine service with praise, and this continued until
the minister had entered the pulpit. On one occasion when a preacher was
late in arriving, S. “had an impulse” to expound the psalm which had been
sung, and did it very well. He was shortly afterwards permitted to go on
exhorting in private houses, and had many people to hear him in different
parts of the country. He became min. of this parish in 1646, and joined
the Protesters in 1651. On23rd Aug. 1660 he was imprisoned in Edinburgh
Castle by order of the Committee of Estates, who also sequestrated his
stipend, 25th Sept. following. He was included in the list of rebels whom
the lieges were prohibited from receiving, 4th Dec. 1666, and
in a list of those who were to be prosecuted, l0th Aug. 1667, as well as
in the list of those to whom pardon and indemnity were granted, 1st Oct.
following. At the request of Alexander, Viscount Kenmure, he was granted
indulgence here, 3rd Sept. 1672: was fined, 10th July 1673, for
not observing the anniversary of the Restoration. When cited before the
Privy Council, 4th Aug. 1677, and threatened with death or banishment, he
replied, ” He is above that guides the gully [knife]; my God will not let
you either kill me or banish me, but I will go home and die in peace.” He
returned, preached in the parish, and died soon afterwards, aged 75. He
left a considerable sum of money to

the poor of Kirkcudbright.