`Aberdeen Doctor` who rejected the Covenant.

Fasti Ecclesiae
Scoticanae, H Scott (1915) rev 1917, 1920
vol 6 p 36 St Nicholas Aberdeen, 1625

JAMES SIBBALD of Kair, son
of 1625 Andrew S. of Kair and Margaret Arbuthnott; educated at Marischal
College ;M.A (1618), B.D. (King’s College 1st Aug. 1627) ; was a
probationer in Presb. of Deer 28th Oct. 1613; regent in Natural
Philosophy, Marischal College, 1622-6; adm. in 1625; D.D. (King’s College
1628). As one of the famous “Aberdeen Doctors” he strongly opposed the
Covenant and was obliged to flee from Scotland in 1638, though he had been
elected a member of the Assembly that year. In 1639 he waited upon the
King at Berwick, but receiving little encouragement, returned 13th Oct. to
this charge. In 24th May 1640 he was silenced and dep. by the Aberdeen
Assembly, July following, for refusing to subscribe the Covenant and for
heretical preaching, he being, according to Principal Baillie, “in many
points of doctrine found verie corrupt.” He fled to England a second time,
expecting protection and favour from the King, but returned in the
beginning of 1641. Removing to Ireland he obtained a charge in Dublin ;
died of the plague (caught through unremitting attention to
the sick) after 1647. His books and papers had been seized, July 1640,by a
party of musketeers by command of a Committee of Assembly, but were on his
petition returned to him, with the exception of some manuscripts. He marr.
Elizabeth Nicolson who, with her children, had £200 allowed by Parliament,
21st June
1661, in consideration of his sufferings and loyalty.