Covenanters Prison
W Moir Bryce. A Privy Council
meeting of 22 July 1679 issued a warrant to Gen. Dalziel
to release the listed prisoners who had given a bond of
loyalty and for their good behaviour.
  Name   Residence
George ARNOT   Arlarie
Andrew DANNIELL   Codziam
Alexander BARCLAY   Blair
James GRIEVE   Mahill
Robert BIRD   Links of Kirkcaldie
John LYNDSAY   Servant to Isabell Hall
George NEIVING   Pitqwhonartie
Francis WALLACE   Whytehill
John MATINE   Pittendreich
John GEDD   Pittendreich
George MARSHALL   Balwairdmylne
James MARSHALL   Newforgane
John GIBB   Pittendreich
James WILLSON   Balgeddie
John BENNET   Leslie
James SMYTH   servant Earl of Argyll
George STOBBIE   Meiklecairnie
Robert HAMILTONE   Ardrie
John GLASSE   servant Rbt Hamiltone
William YOUNG   Seamore
William SMYTH   Glasgow
William YOUNG   Evandale
John LYNDSAY   servant to Arch. Lyndsay
John MEIKLE   Evandaleboune
John BALMAMOON   Glasgow
George WEIR   Carmichaell
William MILLAR   Barony of Glasgow
William PICAT   Bridge-end of Glasgow
Thomas WYLIE   tenant Earl of Lowdoun
Robert WILSON   Douglas
George DRAPHAN   Lesmahago
William SYME   Leny
Robert WALLACE   Phunuch (Fenwick)
George RUTHERFOORD   Ancrum
Andrew SNODGRASSE   Bridge end of Glasgow
Andrew MITCHELL    
Alexander FINDLAY   Kilmarnock
Andrew FOULIS   Stewartoun
James YOUNG   Stewartoun
Patrick GILCHRIST   Kippen
William McCULLOCH   Dalie
Thomas OLIVER   Jedburgh forest
William YOUNGER   Bathgate
David CURRY    
John GIVAN   taylour in Neilstoune.
Covenanters Prison
W Moir Bryce p 46. The Privy
Council accepted a signed bond dated 22 July 1679,from 
prisoners for release.
John PARK   Weaver, Lanark
Francies HASTIE   Lanark
Batholomow EISTOUNE   Lanark
John WILLIAMSONE   Douglas
Robert GRAHAME   Douglas
Joseph THOMSON   Douglas
William INGLIS   Douglas
James WOOD   Lanark
William LINDSAY   Lanark
Covenanters Prison
W Moir Bryce p 47. The Privy
Council accepted a signed bond dated 24 September 1679,
and released prisoners.
John BALMANNO   Bridge end of Kilmarnock.
Servitor to Jon Balmanno, candlemaker in Glasgow.
Robert EWART   Bridge end of Kilmarnock
Servitor to Jon Balmanno, candlemaker in Glasgow
Covenanters Prison
W Moir Bryce p 37. Some of the 30
prisoners were selected for consideration for execution –
as retribution for Archbishop Sharp`s murder.
James LILEBURN   Kinross
David HARDIE   Lesly
Robert BOGIE   Newbigging
John RICHARDSON   Stonehouse. Subsequently
on the Crown but PC allowed removal to Ed Tolbooth pending
replacement by his brother William. p45. PC Register 17
Nov 1679.
Robert McGILL   webster in Gallowshiels
David SOMERWEL   East Calder
Alexander STEVEN   Bothwel Parish
Thomas WILLIAMSON   Over-cranstoun
John SCOT   Ettrick Forest
William CAMERON   Dalmellingtoun
Robert MILLER   Waterford
James WOOD   Parish of Newmills
John GOVAN   Kirklistoun Parish
Thomas PRINGLE   Stow Parish
Andrew SWORD   Borg, Kirkcudbright
James GRAY   West Calder
John THOMSON   Shots
John WADDELL   Shots
Patrick KEIR   Kincardin Parish
Thomas BROWN   Edinburgh
William ANDERSON   Livingstone Parish
Covenanters Prison
W Moir Bryce p 37 one of the 9 from
Greyfriars prison Indicted for Treason and Rebellion 
and for trial as retribution for Sharps murder.
William RETCHARDSON   Stenhouse 
Substituted. for bro John on the Crown. Bryce p 45 PC Rgr
17 Nov 1679.
Thomas BROWN   shoemaker, Edinburgh
James BALFOUR   Gilstoun
Alexander BALFOUR   tenant Gilstoun
Thomas WILLIAMSON   Over Waristoun
Robert McGILL   wobster in Galloshiell
Robert MILLER   Waterfoot
James PATON   Inverkeithing
Andrew THOMSON”   Sauchie
Covenanters Prison
W Moir Bryce p 39 Some of the 33
from Greyfriars and the tolbooths remitted for trial
10/11/1679 as retribution for Sharps murder. Most from the
tolbooth had previously been in Greyfriars. They were
tried by the Justiciary Court from which a final six were
committed for capital trial. Five were convicted and
James FINDLEY   Balyrie of Cuninghame
James LILBURNE   Kilrossie
William McKINN   Galloway
Andrew NEWBIGGING   Merse
Robert McGILL   Galloshiells
Thomas BROWN   Edinburgh
HANGED 18 Nov 1679
John WEDDALL   Llidesdale.
HANGED 18 Nov 1679
John THOMSON   Bothwelmuir 
David HARDIE   Fyff.
Andrew SWORD   Galloway.
HANGED 18 Nov 1679
William HENRYSON   Linlithgowe Shyr
James WOOD   Aire.
HANGED 18 Nov 1679.
Adam ALLAN   Aire
Robert KIRK   cottar in Burghlie
William GRINDLAY   Monkland
Robert YOUNG   Gallowsheills
Thomas CRIGHTOUN   Carnwath Parish
James CARSELL   Malmaghie
Patrick WILSON   Lewingstoun
William YOUNGER   Lewingstoun
William HARDIE   Kelso
Retchard THOMSON   Shotts
John CLEYD   Kilbryd.
HANGED 18 Nov 1679.
Robert RUSSELL   Shotts
John McBRAICKNEY   Kirkcudbright
William” BROWN   Kilmarnock
William RITCHARDSON   Stenhouse. Substituted for
his bro John on the Crown.
James BALFOUR   Gilstoun
Thomas WILLIAMSON   Nether Cranstoun
Robert MILLAR   Watterfoot
James PATTON   Inverkeithin
Andrew THOMSON   Sauchie