Ecclesiae Scoticanae, H Scott (1915)  vol 2 p 281 Kirkmahoe, 1645, 1687.

M.A. (Edinlburgh
2oth July 1632); schoolmaster of Dumfries for two years; licen. by Presb.
of Dumfries; ord. to Trailflat and Dungrie in 1642; adm. in 1645; deprived
and confined to the parish after the restoration of Episcopacy: declined
to go to Symington, Ayrshire, under an indulgence, 3rd Sept. 1672: min.
again in 1687. Was denounced, 16th July 1674, for keeping conventicles,
and imprisoned several years in the Tolbooths of Dumfries and Edinburgh,
and on the Bass Rock, from which he was liberated 11th July 1679, on
binding himself not to preach or administer the sacraments at field
conventicles. He went to Holland, but returned in 1687, preached in a
meetinghouse at Dumfries; was restored by Act of Parliament 25th April
1690, and died 8th Dec. 1695, in his 85th year. He marr. Margaret