Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, H Scott (1915) vol 1 p 64,
St Giles Second charge , 1650

 Of Busby, born Glasgow 1583, son of John D., a wealthy merchant of the
Trongate,was at first intended for the mercantile profession, but
afterwards studied for the Church. After becoming M.A. of Glasgow, he was
appointed Regent of Philosophy in the University, and on 31st March 1618
was ordained minister of Irvine. He declared against the Perth Articles,
and was summoned before the Court of High Commission. Declining its
authority, he was deprived. In 1622 he was allowed to return to his
parish, but in 1637, having given shelter to Robert Blair and John
Livingston, driven from their charges in Ireland by the interference of
the bishops there, he was again cited before the High Commission Court. He
took an active part in the Glasgow Assembly of 1638, and in 1639 acted as
chaplain to an Ayrshire regiment commanded by the Earl of Loudoun. He was
Moderator of Assembly in 1640, and appointed to the Professorship of
Divinity in Glasgow University. In 1650 he was transferred to the Chair of
Divinity at Edinburgh. He was appointed to this charge by the Town CounciI
12th April 1650, and adm. shortly after; a second time
Moderator of Assembly 21st July 1652. In Oct. 1662 he was
deprived, and by the end of the year he was dead (buried 31st Dec.). He
was a popular preacher, and highly instrumental in promoting the notable
revival at Stewarton about 1625. Nor was he less zealous and useful in the
overthrow of Episcopacy, having taken a prominent part in the business of
the Assembly at Glasgow. When the Church unhappily divided into
Resolutioners and Protesters, he became a leader in the party of the
former. He marr. 23rd Sept. 1617, Margaret, daugh. Of Archibald Roberton
of Stonehall, and had issue—John, clerk to the Exchequer (who predeceased
him); James {G. R. Sas.,xxxviii., 241); David (who also predeceased him);
Alexander, min. of Newbattle, Professor of Hebrew in the Univ. of

Publications— A Treatise on the Promises (Dublin, 1630); Explanation of
the Epistle to the Hebrews (Aberdeen,1635); Expositio Analytica Omnium
Apostolicarum Epistolarum (Glasgow, 1645);True Christian Love, in verse
(1649);Exposition of the Gospel of Matthew (London, 1651); Explanation of
the Psalms,3 vols. (London, 1653-5); Therapeutica Sacra (Edinburgh, 1656—
trans., Edinburgh,1664); A Commentay onthe Epistìes (London, 1659);
Praelectiones in Confestionem Fidei; trans, under the title of Truth’s
Victory over Error (London, 1688, and WodrowSociety, 1847); several
pamphlets in the Disputes with the Doctors of Aberdeen, and some in
defence of the Public Resolutions. The Directory for Public Worship” was
drawn up by him, with the assistance of Alexander Henderson and David
Calderwood—and the Sum of Saving Knowledge,” in conjunction with James
Durham. Some minor poems, “The Christian Sacrifice,” and ” O Mother dear,
Jerusalem. “Edbh.Counc., Test., Glasgow (Marr.), Canongate (Bur.), and Reg.
(Bur.); Baillie’s Lett., Lamont’s and Nicoll’s Diaries; Wodrow’s Life,
Hist., i., iv., and Anal., i., iii. ; Livingston’s Charac, Dict. Nat.