Prisoners on the “Crown”

Cited in A Cloud of
Ed. J H Thomson  (1871)

An Act of Indemnity of 14 August 1679 discharged many
of the prisoners taken at Bothwell Brig. But there
remained a hard core of about 300 dissenters who refused
to give a Bond for their future good behaviour and
loyalty. Some troublemakers, Robert Garnock among them
were executed. The persons considered to be ringleaders at
Bothwell Brig were proclaimed and ordered banished, to be
sent as slaves to the Colonies (in the West Indies and
America ). The 257 prisoners were embarked on the “Crown “
and set out on 27 November 1679.  211 of them drowned
off Deerness, Orkney Isles on 10 December 1679 ; the
survivors are marked *.  

NOTE: 49 were known to have
survived in which case 208 perished. But such were records
in those days it is impossible to be certain.

   Name   Shire Parish
1 Addie John West Lothian Torphichen

James * 
Merse & Teviotdale Nethan/Nenthorn
3 Aitkin John  Clydesdale Shotts
4 Aiton Andrew Clydesdale Evendale
5 Alison Robert  Clydesdale Evendale
6 Alison William Clydesdale  Evendale
7 Allan John  West Lothian Torphichen
8 Anderson James  Ayr  Kilmarnock
9 Anderson Robert  Ayr Kilmarnock
10 Auchinclose William Baronthrow/Renfrew  Paisley
11 Auld Robert  Clydesdale Kilbride
12 Barton Thomas Clydesdale Monklands
13 Beal John Fife Newburn
14 Beck Samuel Galloway Kirkmabreck
15 Bell John West Lothian Livingston
16 Bishop Alexander West Lothian Torphichen
17 Bissit Alexander Mid-Lothian East Calder
18 Bitchet David Ayr Fenwick
19 Bitche William Ayr  Fenwick
20 Boog Robert Fife Strathmiglo
21 Borthwick Thomas West Lothian Linlithgow
22  Bouston James Ayr  Digen/Dreghorn
23  Breakenrig William Clydesdale Bothwell
24 Brice John Galloway Borgue
25 Brown John Mid-Lothian Mid-Calder
26 Brown Robert Galloway Kirkmabreck
27  Brown Thomas Stirling Gargunnock
28 Brown William Ayr  Kilmarnock
29  Brownlee Thomas Clydesdale Evendale
30 Bryce John Ayr Kirkmichael
31 Bryce Robert Galloway Borgue
32 Buchan William Baronthrow/Renfrew Paisley
33 Buchanan James Stirling Gargunnock
34 Buckle Andrew Ayr Fenwick
35 Burden Alexander Ayr  Barr
36 Cairnduff John  Clydesdale Evendale
37 Cairns Thomas Merse & Teviotdale Sprouston

Robert *
Galloway Balmaghie
39 Caldwell William  Ayr Girvan
Ayr Dalmellington
41 Campbell George Ayr Galston
42  Campbell John Ayr Muirkirk
43  Chalmers Robert Clydesdale  Shotts
44 Christison John Perth  Kilmadock

Andrew *
 Galloway Lochrutton
46 Clark James Clydesdale Kilbride
47 Clark John  Clydesdale Kilbride
48 Cochran John  Clydesdale Evendale
49 Colvil James Nithsdale Glencairn
50  Cook Andrew Merse & Teviotdale Melrose
51  Corson James Galloway Kirkcudbright
52  Couper James Clydesdale Carnwath
53 Couston James  Merse & Teviotdale Sudon/South Dean
54 Craig John Clydesdale Glassford
55 Crighton Thomas Clydesdale Carnwath
56 Cunningham Daniel Stirling Drummond
57  Cunningham James Baronthrow/Renfrew Eastwood
58 Currie David Ayr  Fenwick
59 Cuthbertson John  Ayr  Kilmarnock
60  Deans John Merse & Teviotdale  Nethan/Nenthorn
61 Donaldson Andrew Galloway  Girthon
62 Donaldson James  Galloway  Kelton
63 Donaldson John Perth  Kincardine
64 Douglas John Ayr  Kirkmichael
65 Douglas Samuel Merse & Teviotdale  Cavers

George *
Clydesdale  Lesmahagow
67 Drips William Ayr  Mauchline

George *
Ayr  Craigie

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