The Clarendon Code

Edward Hyde, First Earl of
Clarendon (1609-1674) was an ardent royalist when he entered Parliament in
1640 and later he chose to go into exile with Charles II.  After the
Restoration he was made Lord Chancellor and became chief adviser to the
King . In this role he was responsible for four pieces of legislation in
England that was intended to strengthen the King`s hold over the Church of
England.  Very similar legislation was used to enforce the King`s
will in Scotland.

The Corporation Act 1661.
This was a requirement that every member of a municipal corporation must
take the Sacrament according to the rites of the Church of England at
least once a year.

Act of Uniformity 1662. This required all
ministers to be ordained by a bishop and to use the Prayer Book.

The Conventicle Act,1664.
This made all religious services except for the Church of England,

The Five Mile Act . This
forbade all expelled clergymen to live within five miles of a corporate
town , unless they had taken an oath to be loyal to the established order.