Childrens` Covenant

A Covenant
Transaction with the Lord, by a society of Young Children,
who met together in a meeting in Pentland Town, in the
time of Persecution, when  there was no faithful
minister in Scotland, anno 1683, ere that great burning
and shining light, Mr. James Renwick, came an ordained
minister from Holland.

‘This is a
covenant made between the Lord and us, with our whole
hearts, and to give up ourselves freely to him, without
reserve, body and soul, to be his children, and him to be
our God and Father; if it please the holy Lord to send the
Gospel to the land again. That we stand to this covenant
which we have written between the Lord and us, as we shall
answer at the great day, that we shall never break this
covenant, which we have made between the Lord and us. That
we shall stand to this covenant which we have made; and if
not, it shall be a witness .against us in the great day,
when we shall stand between the lord and his holy angels.
O Lord give us real grace in our hearts to mind Z:ion’s
breaches, that is in such a low case this day; and make us
to mourn with her; for thou hast said, ” them that mourn
with her in the time of her trouble, shall rejoice when
she rejoiceth ; when the Lord will come and bring back the
captivity of Zion.” When He shall deliver her out of her
enemies’ hands. When her King shall come and raise her
from the dust, in spite of all her enemies that will
oppose her, either devils  or men. That thus they
have banished her king Christ out of the land, yet He will
arise and avenge his children’s blood, at her enemies’
hands, which cruel murderers have shed.’

Upon the
back of this covenant was written as follows:-

‘Them that
will not stand to every article of this covenant which we
have made betwixt the Lord and us, that they shall not go
to the kirk to hear any of these soul-murdering curates,
we will neither speak nor converse with them. Any that
breaks this covenant they shall never come into our
society. We shall declare before the Lord, that we have
bound ourselves in covenant, to be covenanted to him all
the days of our life, to be his children and Him our
covenanted Father.

subscribe with our hands these presents.

Agnes Aitkin,

Margaret Galloway,

Helen Straiton

Marion Swan                     
Helen Clark

Janet Swan,                      
Margaret Brown,

Janet Brown,

Marion M’Moren.


Psal, viii.
2 .-” Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings hast thou
ordained wisdom,”‘