Proclamation declaring those persons at Bothwell Brig to
be rebels and traitors, and prohibiting having any contact
with them.
[ Mackenzie, History
of Galloway, ii, pt 1. p 231. Note the title Mr usually
indicates a minister of the kirk.]

Proclamation against rebels, June 16th 1679

Charles, by the grace of God, King
of  Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of
the faith: to all and sundry our lieges and 
subjects, whom these presents do or may concern, greeting.
Forasmuch as, upon the first notice given to our privy
council, of the rising and the gathering of these disloyal
and seditious persons in the west, who have of late
appeared in arms in a desperate and avowed rebellion
against us, our government, and laws, we did declare them
to be traitors, and discharged all our subjects to assist
, reset, supply or correspond with any of them, under the
pain of treason; and the said rebels and traitors being
now, (by the blessing of God upon our forces) , subdued,
dissipated and scattered, and such of them as were not
either killed or taken in the field, being retired
secretly to their own homes and houses , expecting shelter
and protection from the respective heritors, in whose
lands they dwell, or lurking in the country; and we being
unwilling  any of our good subjects should be
ensnared or brought in trouble by them, have therefore,
with advice of our privy council, thought fit , again to 
to discharge and prohibit all our subjects, men or women,
that none of them offer or presume to harbour, reset,
supply, or correspond with , hide or conceal, the persons
of M`Clellan of Barscob,; Gordons of Earlston elder and
younger; M`Douall of Freugh; the laird  of Ravenstone
brother to the Earl of Galloway; the laird of Castle
Stewart brother to the said earl; Cannon of Mardrogat; Mr
Samuel Arnot; Mr Gabriel Semple; Mr John Welsh; 
Gordon of Craichley etc, or any others who concurred or
joined  in the late rebellion, or who, on upon the
account thereof, have appeared in arms in any part of this
our kingdom. And to the end all our good subjects may have
timeous notice hereof, We do ordain these presents 
to be forthwith printed and published at the market
crosses of Edinburgh, Linlithgow, Stirling, Lanark, Ayr,
Rutherglen, Glasgow, Irvine, Wigton, Kirkcudbright,
Dumfries, Cowpar in Fife, Jedburgh, Perth etc.

Alex  Gibson, C;. Secr/ Concilii.