The Bond – to refrain from
attending conventicles etc.

There were
several Bonds used during the twenty eight years of
persecution but this Bond in particular caused the most
suffering when it was introduced in early 1678. Because of
its Draconian terms very many refused to sign, and this
was the cause for the Highland Host being imposed on
Ayrshire and parts of Renfrewshire. It is mainly this bond
that the many martyrs referred to in their dying
Testimonies `ere they were executed.

January 28, 1678 —

faithfully bind and oblige us that we, our wives, bairns
and servants respective shall no ways be present at any
conventicle or disorderly meetings in time coming, but
shall live orderly, in obedience to the law, under the
pains and penaIties contained in the Acts of Parliament
made there against: as also, we bind and oblige us, that
our haill tenants and cottars respective, their wives,
bairn, and sevants, shall likewise abstain and refrain
from the said conventicles, and other illegal meetings not
authourised by the law, and that they shall live orderly
and in obedience to the same : and further, that we nor
they shall not reset , supply or commune with forfeited
persons, inter-communed ministers, vagrant preachers, but
shall do our utmost endeavours to apprehend their persons;
and in case our said tenants, cottars, or their foresaids
shall contravene, we shall take and apprehend any person
or persons guilty thereof, and present them to the Judge
ordinary, that they may be fined or imprisoned therefor,
as is provided by Acts of Parliament made there anent,
otherwise we shall remove thern and their families off our
ground; and if we fail herin, we shall be liable to such
pains and penalties as the said delinquents have incurred
by law.—Consenting their presents, etc  Subscribed ut

Conventicling poem  “The Mountain Sanctuary”.