A selection of books about
Presbyterians and the Ulster Scots in Ireland.

Many churches in Ulster have
produced publications about their history. 
 A selection is included below.

Carson, John T.  Presbyterian and Proud
of It.
  Belfast: The Sabbath School Society for
Ireland, 1948.
Corish,Patrick J. Ed.
A History of
Irish Catholicism
Dublin: Gill & MacMillan, 1971.
Cromie, Howard.  Ulster Settlers in
.  Belfast: T. H. Jordan, Ltd., 1976.
Curl, James S.  The Londonderry
Plantation 1609-1914
. Chichester Phillimore & Co.,
Ltd., 1986.
Dickson, R. J.  Ulster Emigration to
Colonial America 1718-1775.
  Belfast: Ulster
Historical Foundation, 1966.
Hamilton, T.  History of the Irish
Presbyterian Church
.  Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark,
Hamilton, Thomas. History of
Presbyterianism in Ireland. 
Ambassador Productions, Ltd., 1992.
Herlihy, Kevin. Ed. The Religion of Irish
Dissent 1650-1800
.  Dublin. Four Courts
Houston, C. J. and W. J.
Irish Emigration and
Canadian Settlement.
  Toronto: University of
Toronto Press, 1991.
Hume. David  To right some things
that we thought wrong.
Belfast, Ulster Society
Publications Ltd,(1998).
Latimer, W. T  A History of the Irish
  Belfast: James Cleland, 1902.
 Larne Kirk Session.  Historical Sketch of
the First Presbyterian Congregation of Larne

Belfast: M’Caw, Stevenson & Orr, Ltd., 1889.
Lecky, W. E H.  A History of Ireland
in the Eighteenth Century
.  London: Longmans,
Green & Co., 1913.
Lockington,  John W. Robert Blair of Bangor
Belfast: Presbyterian Historical Society, 1996.
Long, S. E.  The Emergence of
Presbyterianism in Post Plantation Ulster

Belfast: Education Committee, Grand Orange Lodge of
Ireland, n.d.
Loughridge, Adam. The Covenanters in
.  Belfast: Cameron Press, 1984.
Maitland, W. H.  History of Magherafelt.
Draperstown, Moyola Books,1916, reprint 1988.
McCartney, D. J.  Nor Principalities Nor
Powers, The First Presbyterian Church, Carrickfergus
 Belfast: McCartney, 1991.
Moore, Tom. A History of the First
Presbyterian Church Belfast 1644-1983.
The Kirk Session, 1983.
Morley, Henry
 Ireland under
Elizabeth and James the First.
London: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd.,(1890).
Orr, B. J.  As God is my Witness, Heritage Books, 2002
Orr, B. J. A Layman`s Guide to the Scottish Reformation, Heritage Books,2005.
Perceval-Maxwell, M.  The Scottish Migration
to Ulster in the Reign of James I.
Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1973.
 Reilly, Tom.  Oliver Cromwell, An
Honourable Enemy.
  Ireland: Brandon, 1999.
Robinson, Philip.  The Plantation of
  Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation,
 Stevenson, John.  Two Centuries of Life
in Down 1600-1800.
  Belfast: McCaw, Stevenson &
Orr, Ltd., 1920.
MacCuarta, Brian Ed. Ulster 1641,
Aspects of the Rising,
Belfast: Queens University Institute of Irish Studies,
Wilson, William.   1623-1973, 350th
Anniversary of First Bangor Presbyterian Church. 

Bangor: Kirk Session, 1973.
Young R Ed
Old Belfast.Belfast.,
Marcus Ward & Co., 1896.