Andrew MELVILL- 
worker and organiser

Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae,
H Scott (1915) rev 1917, 1920,1926.
vol 7 p 416 St Mary`s College, 1580


MELVILL, born Baldovie,
1st Aug. 1545, youngest son of Richard

M. of Baldovie and Geills,
of Thomas Abercrombie of Montrose;

at Grammar School, Montrose, and

Univ. of St Andrews; went to France
in 1564, studied law at Poitiers; became

regent in the College of Marceon, and took
part in the defence of
Poitiers against the
Huguenots; proceeded to
Geneva, where
he was
app. Professor of Humanity

returned to Scotlandin 1574; app. Principal

of the Univ. of Glasgow in autumn of
that year. He did much
to establish the

Univ. on a proper footing and founded

four Chairs in Languages, Science and
Philosophy; adm. min. of Govan in conjunction
13th July 1577; elected
of the General Assembly 24th April

He opposed the Episcopal tendency in

the Church, and did much to establish

the Presbyterian form of government. He
further did much to remodel
the Scottish
especially St Andrews, St Mary’s
being devoted to Divinity, M.

being app. Principal thereof Nov. 1580;

again elected Moderator of the
Assembly 24th April and 27th June 1582,
and 20th June 1587. In the Assembly of

Oct. 1581, he took an active part
in the
libel against Robert Montgomery, Bishop
of Glasgow, for simoniacal practices. M.

was app. on a commission to wait
James VI. in 1582, with a remonstrance
and petition which, notwithstanding the

entreaties of his friends, he
presented. On
15th Feb. 1584 he was summoned
the Privy
Council for alleged treason in a

sermon preached at St Andrews the June

previous, and ordered to be imprisoned at
Blackness, but his friends assisted him to
escape to England. On
Arran’s fall he
returned to Scotland and was
restored by

Parliament at Linlithgow Dec. 1585. In

1590 he became rector of the Univ. of St

Andrews, which office he held until 1597,
and at the coronation of
the Queen, 17th May

1590, he recited a Latin poem; was again
Moderator of the General Assembly,

7th May1594, but on a visitation of the

Univ. by the King in June 1597, he
deprived of his rectorship; attended the
General Assembly at Dundee, March1598,

but was ordered to withdraw by the
In 1599 he was app. Dean of the Faculty
of Theology. He caused the Synod of

Fife in 1599 to censure certain
in the Basilicon
Doron by the King. At

the Assembly at Montrose in March 1600

he unsuccessfully claimed his right to sit,

but was successful in that at Burntisland
May 1601. He took part in that
held at

Aberdeen in 1605 and
offered, with others, a
protest to Parliament at Perth in 1606

in favour of the right of free Assembly.

For this he was summoned with
others to
London, where he was cited before the

English Privy Council for writing a bitter
Latin epigram against the
accessories of
Anglican worship and placed
under the
custody of
John Overal, D.D., Dean of

St Paul’s, and afterwards of Bilson, Bishop

of Winchester. Again brought before the
Privy Council, he broke into a violent

tirade against that Court and was
to solitary confinement in the Tower.
Henri de la Tour, Duc de
Bouillon, having

obtained his release, app. him
to the Chair
of Biblical Theology in the Univ. of Sedan,

and M. embarked for France 19th April

1611; died
unmarr. after a series of illnesses at Sedan in 1622.