– an Aberdeen Doctor (DD)  who
rejected the Covenant.

 Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, H
Scott (1915) rev 1917, 1920
vol 6 p 18 Old Machar, 1621


ALEXANDER SCROGIE {primus), born 1565 ;
educated at King’s
College, Aberdeen ; M.A. ; became a regent in Marischal College ;
assistant at Skene 9th Sept. 1603; ord. (assistant there) 16th Aug. 1605 ;
attended the  meeting of the Assembly at Aberdeen 2nd July that year,
for which he was summoned before the Privy Council, but admitting it was
not a lawful Assembly he was released ; trans, to Drumoak 26th Jan. 1606.
He was ordered, 7th March 1608, to reside in his parish, but on 13th March
1609 he was charged with non residence. He answered that his family did
reside and he himself too on every Saturday, Sunday,and Monday, being
occupied at the College the rest of the week. He was ordered to leave the
College at Lammas and reside with his wife and family ; trans,and adm. in
1621 ; D.D. (King’s College, 31st July 1627) ; joined with the other
Doctors of Aberdeen in opposing the Covenant, and was app. rector of
King’s College 24th June 1636.He gave further offence by celebrating the
Communion on Christmas1638,after that had been forbidden by the previous
Assembly. His house was seized by a party of soldiers of the Earl
Marischal’s Regiment on15th July, but he compounded for a protection next
day with 600 merks until the meeting of Assembly, when he was dep. by a
committee, 1st Aug. 1640, for his opposition to the Covenant. He
petitioned the Assembly in July 1641, offered to subscribe the Covenant,
and to make a full recantation before the Presb. 26thMay1642. By this
means he obtained a gift from the Bishop of Ross of eight chalders’
victual, after he had been deprived of his benefice ; died at Rathven
1659. He has been represented as “of good parts or good literature
,judgment, and understanding.” He marr. Jean, daugh. of James Ross, min.
of Second Charge, Aberdeen, and had issue William, min.of Rathven and
Bishop of Argyll ; Alexander, min. of this parish ; James ; Patrick ; a
daugh. (marr. William Douglas, min.of Forgue) ; Marjorie (marr. Alexander
Innes, min. of  Mortlach).