IN the Parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the tent day of
Julij, the year of God Jm  Vc   lx yearis,
and thairefter continewit to the first day of August nixt
thairefter following, with continewatioun of dayes, upoun
the xxiiij of the said moneth of August : The thre
Estaitis, then being present, understanding that the jurisdictioun and authoritie of the Bischope of Rome,
callit the Pape; usit in this Realme in tymes
bypast, hes not onile bene contumelious to the Eternail God, but also verry hurtsome and prejudiciall to our
Soveranis authoritie, and commoun weall of this Realme:

Thairfoir hes statut and ordainit, that the Bischope of
Rome, callit the Paip, have na jurisdictioun nor
authoritie in this Realme in tymes cuming; and that
nane of oure said Soveranis subjectis sute or desyre, in
ony tyme heirefter, tytill or rycht, be the said Bischope
of Rome or his sect, to any thing within this Realme,
under the panis of Barratrie; that is to say,
proscription; banishment, and never to bruik honour,
office, nor dignitie within this Realme: And the
contraveaneris heirof, to be callit befoir the Justice or
his deputis, or befoir the Lordis of the Sessioun, and
punist thairfoir according to the lawis of this Realme:
And the furnessarjs of thame with fynance of money, and
purchessaris of thair tytle of rycht, or manteaneris and
defenderis of thame, sall incurr the samyn panis: And that
na Bischope, nor uther Prelatt of this Realme, use ony
jurisdictioun in tymes to cum, be the said Bischope of
Rome’s authoritie, under the paine foirsaid.                  
Extractum, etc.

Abolition of
the Mass.