AGAINST THE MESSE.  [ 10 July 1560 ]

 In the
Parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the tent of Julij, the year of God Jm fyve
hundreth threscoir yearis, the said Parliament being continewed to the
first of August nixt thairafter following, with continewatioun of dayis, upoun the twenty-four day of the said moneth of August, the Thre Estaitis
then being present: The whiche day, forsamekle as Almychtie God be his
maist trew and blessed worde, hes declaired the reverence and honour
quhilk should be gevin to him: and, be his Sone Jesus Christ, has
declaired the trew use of the Sacramentis, willing the same to be used
according to his will and wonle: Be the quhilk it is notour and perfitlie
knawin that the Sacrarnentis of Baptisme and of the body and bloode of
Jesus Christ, hes bene in all tymes bygane corrupted be the Papisticall
Kirk, and be thair usurpit ministries; and presentlie , notwithstanding 
the Reformatioun  already maide according to  Goddis worde, 
yit nottheless thair is some of the same Papis Kirk that stubburnlie
perseveris in thair wicked  idolatrie, sayand Masse, and Baptizand 
conforme to the Papis Kirk, prophanand thairthrow the Sacramentis
doirsaidis, in quyett and secreatt places, regardand thairthrow nowther
God nor his worde: Thairfoir It Is statut and ordeaned In this present
Parliament, that na manner of persone nor personis, in ony tyme cuming,
administrat ony of the Sacramentis foirsaidis secreatlie, or ony other
maner of way, but thei that ar admitted and havand power to that effect;
nor say Messe, nor yit hear Messe, nor be present thairat, under the paine
of confiscatioun of all thair goodis, (movabill and unmovabill,) and punisheing of thair bodyis at the discretioun of the Magistrattis, within
whais jurisdiction sick personis happynnls to be apprehended, for the
first fault; banisching of the Realme, for the secound fault; and
justifleing to the dead, for the thrid falt: And ordainis all Schireffis,
Stewartis, Bailleis, and thair deputtis, Provestis, and Bailleis of
Burrowis, and otheris judges whatsumever, within this Realm; to taik
diligent suyt and inquisitioun within thair boundis, whair ony sick
usurped ministenie is used; Messe saying, or thei that beis present at the
doing thairof, ratifeand and apprevand the samyn, and tack and apprehend
thame, to the effect that the panis above wrettin may be execut upon thame.

de libro Parliamenti, per me etc



Abolition of Papal Authority.