Some facts about the Siege
of  Londonderry – 18 April  1689 to 1 August 1689

The Siege proper lasted for 105 days but the citizens and
the garrison were pent up by the presence of  first  the Earl of
Antrim`s forces from 7 December 1688, and then by King James` forces, to
31 July 1689 a total of 236 days.

King James retreated from Londonderry on the evening of
31 July 1689 having lost  between 8-10,000 men.

Troops in the City at 19 April 1689     
Living at close of Siege                        
4000 (of these 1000 unfit for
Killed and died of disease                    
Civilian deaths                                     

Total killed/died in Londonderry         
10,361  approx.

Shells/bombs fired into the City between 24 April 
and 21 July 1689 (on 34 days)  totalled 584.
The worst days were 3 June (28), 4 June (36),  6 June (30, 8 June
(35) , 11 June (28), 13 June (26), 3 July (30), 15 July (26), 21 July

The price of provisions, when they could be found were:

A quart of meal                     
One pound of horseflesh       
One pound of tallow              
One pound of salted hides       1s.0d
One pound of greaves             
1/4 of a dog (fattened by
eating corpses)                        
A dogs head                            
A quart of horse blood            
A horses pudding (gut)            
A cat                                        4s.6d
A rat. fed on human flesh        
A mouse                                   0s.6d
A handful of sea wreck
(sea weed)                                
A handful of chick weed           

The soldiers/defenders were allowed  1/2lb of meal,
1/2lb of shelled oats, 1/2lb dry salted hides, daily.

Water as could be found, was mainly contaminated.

By the 28th July there were only nine lean horses left

25 Clergymen remained in the City – 17 Church of Ireland
and 8 Presbyterians
Ch of Ireland:
Rev Geo. Walker, Donaghmore, Dungannon
Chris Jenney, Mullaghbrack
Moses Davis, Donagheady
John Knox, Glasslough
Bartholomew Black, Aghanloo
T Semple, Donaghmore, near Castlefin
Robert Morgan, Cappagh
John Campbell, Sego
Andrew Robertson, Derryloran
Michael M1`Clenaghan, Derry
Michael Christy, Monaghan
Seth Whittle, Bellaghy
William Cunningham, Killishandra
Richard Crother, Comber
James Watmough, Errigal
John Rowen,Balteagh
John Ellingsworth, near Newry.

Presbyterian  ministers:
Thomas Boyd, Aghadoey
William Brooke, Ballykelly
John Bowat, Lifford
John Hamilton, Donagheady
Robert Wilson, Strabane
David Brown, Urney
William Gilcrist, Kilrea
John M`Kenzie, Derryloran.