Some facts about the Siege of  Londonderry - 18 April  1689 to 1 August 1689

The Siege proper lasted for 105 days but the citizens and the garrison were pent up by the presence of  first  the Earl of Antrim`s forces from 7 December 1688, and then by King James` forces, to 31 July 1689 a total of 236 days.

King James retreated from Londonderry on the evening of 31 July 1689 having lost  between 8-10,000 men.

Troops in the City at 19 April 1689      7361
Living at close of Siege                         4000 (of these 1000 unfit for
Killed and died of disease                     3361
Civilian deaths                                      7000

Total killed/died in Londonderry          10,361  approx.

Shells/bombs fired into the City between 24 April  and 21 July 1689 (on 34 days)  totalled 584.
The worst days were 3 June (28), 4 June (36),  6 June (30, 8 June (35) , 11 June (28), 13 June (26), 3 July (30), 15 July (26), 21 July (28).

The price of provisions, when they could be found were:

A quart of meal                      1s.0d
One pound of horseflesh        1s.8d
One pound of tallow               4s.0d
One pound of salted hides       1s.0d
One pound of greaves              1s.0d
1/4 of a dog (fattened by
eating corpses)                         5s.6d
A dogs head                             2s.6d
A quart of horse blood             1s.0d
A horses pudding (gut)             0s.6d
A cat                                        4s.6d
A rat. fed on human flesh         1s.0d
A mouse                                   0s.6d
A handful of sea wreck
(sea weed)                                 0s.2d
A handful of chick weed            0s.1d.

The soldiers/defenders were allowed  1/2lb of meal, 1/2lb of shelled oats, 1/2lb dry salted hides, daily.

Water as could be found, was mainly contaminated.

By the 28th July there were only nine lean horses left alive.

25 Clergymen remained in the City - 17 Church of Ireland and 8 Presbyterians
Ch of Ireland:
Rev Geo. Walker, Donaghmore, Dungannon
Chris Jenney, Mullaghbrack
Moses Davis, Donagheady
John Knox, Glasslough
Bartholomew Black, Aghanloo
T Semple, Donaghmore, near Castlefin
Robert Morgan, Cappagh
John Campbell, Sego
Andrew Robertson, Derryloran
Michael M1`Clenaghan, Derry
Michael Christy, Monaghan
Seth Whittle, Bellaghy
William Cunningham, Killishandra
Richard Crother, Comber
James Watmough, Errigal
John Rowen,Balteagh
John Ellingsworth, near Newry.

Presbyterian  ministers:
Thomas Boyd, Aghadoey
William Brooke, Ballykelly
John Bowat, Lifford
John Hamilton, Donagheady
Robert Wilson, Strabane
David Brown, Urney
William Gilcrist, Kilrea
John M`Kenzie, Derryloran.


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